Trauma Counseling

If you’ve experienced trauma or abuse in your life, you know the struggle of trying to work past it, let alone cope with the reality that it was your life that was impacted.  Trauma Counseling is critical. Peter Levine, an expert on healing trauma and author of Waking the Tiger points out that animals have an innate way of healing trauma so that there are no lingering effects. Humans though, may carry the effects of trauma, including abuse, for many years after the incident. We must meet the demands and responsibilities of conducting our lives, and so often the hardships we faced are deferred and subsequently seldom addressed. Over time, one may feel shame or hurt, and respond by either not talking about it or acting out angrily. Loved ones may feel powerless to help.

The effects of trauma and abuse are many: decreased energy, depression and anxiety, and other mind-body symptoms are common. Sometimes, even physical illnesses can result from concealing unresolved emotions. While the initial response may be to “just get over it,” there are far more effective techniques for dealing with traumatic events.

At Transformational Counseling, through trauma counseling, you can learn techniques for mindfully working through the painful emotions that result from your difficult experiences. You are given the tools to approach, embrace, then confidently come to terms with your experience with a better understanding and clarity.