Substance Abuse Counseling

You can break free from addictions and live a life free of unhealthy dependence on substances. While the journey is not easy, Belle can put you on a path that is paved with straightforward steps towards a healthy and self-empowered life.

The decision to keep substances in your life past the time of their usefulness is a common coping mechanism. Substance use may begin with the intent of managing pain or other maladies, but can then become the staple for escaping deeper issues or life situations, even masking physical or emotional pain. At this point, it can often become the replacement for true relief. As a result, you might even believe that the negative consequences outweigh positive ones and the prospect of giving up this “support” can be daunting. This reluctance may be accompanied by a sense of inertia, helplessness, or discouragement and even a belief that effective treatment and solutions are impossible. Substance abuse counseling can reverse the inertia of this thinking and restore a true perspective.

In truth, you can live your life without a dependency on substances.

Help in the form of a compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable guide can make it easier to overcome these initial hurdles and move you to the space of being without these dependencies.

A mindfulness approach starts with becoming aware of things the way they are now.

•    What is the substance doing for you?
•    Did it start out as fun, an escape from boredom or something else?
•    What emotions are present when you decide to use?

Substance abuse treatment is an in depth approach to healing from substance misuse. It involves all parts of the whole person: body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Any one of them can be the starting point, and eventually, each piece will be addressed. As change begins to take place, you will notice many things: new ways of thinking and being, the ability to self-soothe and emotionally regulate, new relationships, and a new lifestyle to support these changes.