Couples Counseling

Reclaim what was terrific about your relationship or marriage and return your lives to happiness, serenity and balance. You deserve to feel respected and fulfilled in your key relationships. Couples therapy allows you to work together to leave behind patterns that are no longer working. In her work as a couples counselor, Belle will support you to find new insights and patterns of behavior. You will both have the opportunity to move beyond blame and frustration and discover new options for connecting to and enjoying each other.

Couples relationships, indeed all relationships, can be likened to the bones in our very own bodies: they can either be strong and healthy or weak and brittle. When close relationships you share are constantly being strained and tested, your overall quality of life can deteriorate, regardless of how well other parts of your life appears to be functioning. It can affect you emotionally and physically, making you feel as though things are out of control, uncertain, even threatening. Fortunately, meaningful progress is possible and troubled relationships can transform, becoming even stronger and more resilient than they were in the beginning.

Making meaningful improvements requires understanding your own recurrent patterns of behavior and communication, coupled with careful self-examination to ask and answer fundamental questions:

•    How might my personal history hold clues about my present behavior?
•    What old pattern is holding me back?
•    What are my expectations in the relationship?
•    What can I give — and expect in return — in this relationship?
•    What consistently gets in the way of meeting my goals?

Mindfulness based therapy helps to bring self-observation into the present so that suggested changes in behavior can be adapted to situations in the moment. A balance can then be struck between independence and what Thich Nhat Hanh calls “inter-being.”