Counseling and Psychotherapy

Choosing your therapist

Maybe for the first time, you realize you cannot continue on the path you’re on, not without unwelcome consequences. You deserve the support and freedom to express your problems, fears and desires. These things are difficult to sort through all on your own, and because you’re so close to it, it’s even harder to figure out alone.

Asking Questions and Getting Answers
One of the most important things you will do is select a trusted therapist. In choosing one, numerous questions will cross your mind and certainly some understandable concerns. Some things that should be answered affirmatively are:

  • Does this person make me feel comfortable and at ease?
  • Will my care be customized to my unique personality and needs?
  • Do I feel like I’m in a trusted space when I’m with my therapist?
  • Am I willing to disclose my feelings, pains and private thoughts with this person?
  • Will my therapist be impartial and non-judgmental?
  • Will my therapist provide me the tools I need to be successful long after my sessions are over?
  • Is this therapist experienced in the areas that I’m struggling with?
  • Does this therapist have the credentials and experience needed for my success?

What is a Holistic Approach?
This approach takes into consideration body, emotion, mind, and spirit. It is tailored to you, taking into account your whole person. It allows you to reveal the things that position you to better cope with life’s ups and downs. In being able to cope better, you’ll begin to experience stronger, more intimate connections with people you love, plus enjoy increased confidence, more decisiveness, and realization of goals and dreams.

The other portion that is woven into this plan of care is “mindfulness”, which refers to the awareness in the present moment of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and beliefs. This awareness alone can create a shift from anxiety or emotional pain to more peace and clarity. Through guided practice, you can change the way you habitually experience external events and relationships. You can also experience deep healing and a renewed connection to your soul’s purpose.

Your Next Step: Get In Touch
You are here because you are seeking answers and you are tired of struggling alone to overcome those things that are keeping you from living a full life. You want to discover a higher purpose in your own life and you want to be treated as a unique individual. You deserve a compassionate, knowledgeable guide to help you find solutions that work. You want transformation that is inner-directed and sustained. You’ve come to the right place.
If you see yourself in the pages of this site and what is being said resonates with you, pick up the phone or send an email. You will learn a lot and maybe feel understood for the first time in a long time.