Rise and Fall

Although it is commonly believed that an addict needs to bottom out before seeking help, there is another point of view that would encourage anyone dealing with this problem to seek help before one gets to that point.

Podcast: Loving Kindness Meditation

This is the third in a series of mindfulness podcasts.  This one is a loving kindness meditation which will guide you to increase compassion in your life. Listen to Loving Kindness

Podcast: Welcoming Spring

Spring 2011 is here.  A time of renewal.  Rebirth.  A sacred turning point.  A time of listening to the birds, and watching new buds growing.  Perhaps this is the time to review where you are and where you want to be.  Maybe you set some goals in the beginning of the year.   Are you satisfied […]

Podcast: Body Scan

This is a guided body scan to allow you to notice sensations in the body. This is a useful stress management technique. Listen to Body Scan

Stress Management

Our busy lives make effective stress management more important than ever. Using Jon Kabat-Zinn’s stress reduction mindfulness program can help.

Mindfulness Therapy Workshop

In Ron Siegel’s recent workshop, “The Power of Mindfulness” audience members used his techniques to practice mindfulness. You can too with an informal practice of staying in the present moment.

Podcast: Introductory Mindfulness Breathing

a free podcast utilizing mindfulness psychotherapy

The Boulder Mindfulness Conference “Buddhism & Psychotherapy: The Art Of Counseling”

Overview of the recent conference on mindfulness and psychotherapy in Boulder, Colorado, focusing on how to use Buddhist psychology in a counseling environment.

The First Annual Institute on Mindfulness: Buddhism and Psychology & The Art of Counseling

A truly wonderful event is coming up soon and I wanted to share it with you: The First Annual Institute on Mindfulness: Buddhism and Psychology & The Art of Counseling is taking place July 28 – 31, 2010. Featured speakers include: Jack Kornfield Daniel J. Siegel Karen Kessel Wegela I will be attending the session […]

Choosing Your Therapist

When people encounter different sites on the web, it’s hard to choose between all the qualified professionals that can help you. All have the best of intentions, but ultimately, who will be the most suitable for your journey? I’ve compiled a series of items that might help you answer that question and remove some of […]

Welcome and Thank You

As my new website is unveiled, so too is my blog. I want to thank you for coming here and spending a few moments; I hope that within these pages you find a sense of peace and understanding. May you also find a place you feel comfortable, while taking in some words of calm and […]