Creative Positive Change

You don’t have to hurt. You can’t avoid the challenges in life but you don’t have to trudge through your day feeling out of control and overwhelmed. Positive, practical transformation is possible. Leading a life that reflects your deepest needs, desires and creative potential is within your reach.

You can create a positive shift in your consciousness. You simply need a focused space and the right insight, information and support. Belle Abramson will hold a healing space for you and help you to unlock your potential. You will find that relationships, work and daily life activities are more fulfilling as you experience more ease and success in your life.

Counseling and Psychotherapy in Boulder

Like a fingerprint, your life is like no other. It’s full of joys, triumphs and elation. It’s also filled with challenges, disappointments and sadness. At times it can be hard to deal with each of these changes, good or bad, and sometimes, it’s just easier to try and escape. Feeling this way is not only not uncommon, it’s completely normal, and more, it’s understandable. The only problem is that you deserve more. You deserve more ease and peace.

Mindfulness in Your Life

At Transformational Counseling in Boulder, you’ll see and experience these ebbs and flows in your life differently, in ways that will help you feel empowered, more in control. Belle Abramson blends traditional psychotherapy with mindfulness based therapy and techniques, allowing you to step into a new way of approaching your life, allowing you to become fully aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and beliefs in the present moment, and how these come together to make you who you are.

Together, you and Belle Abramson will explore unique ways to make peace with the thoughts and feelings you live with, and recognize the things that are holding you back from the life you deserve. Treatment is tailored to your needs and respects your path by helping you to identify and awaken the healing powers that lie deep within you.

Your life is waiting, embrace it.